Dec 23, 2008


It was so much fun having all the cousins here this last weekend, although it's hard to see them go. I can't believe how much bigger baby Calvin is compared to Buzz and Jaylie, he's HUGE! We all agreed that no one is going to ever know Buzz's real name cuz we all call him Buzza-boy! okay mabe only I do.... Merry Chrismas everyone!

Dec 19, 2008

New Neighborhood

Here's where we live: The grey house is Josh's mom and dad's, the cream and red one is the next door neighbor and the rest are of the neighborhood and one of the hill that closest resembles a mountain.

Dec 16, 2008


We made it safely to our new home in Washington and are looking forward to settling in... the problem is where?? We thought our apartment was small, but now we really don't have much room. But the rent is cheap and we love our roommates ( as much as you can love roommates when you are married and have a baby) and there is a big yard. Roxy is loving it although she feels outnumbered being the only girl dog here with chief and stumpy. Mom says she already misses us, and I know I already miss her, but I got a new phone with a camera to send her lots of pictures. I cry when I think about everyone back home, and I know Josh is having a hard time too. We already have plans for visiting this summer to go camping with "the cheese" and his fam and going to as many BDS's as we can. So to all of you reading this we miss you, we love you and we'll see you soon(ish)!

Dec 3, 2008


Me, Josh, Becky and Forrest went duck hunting a couple weeks ago in Forrests fan boat. It was so much fun although we didn't shoot or even see any ducks. Quack!