Jan 30, 2009

Cereal and bubbles

Jaylie got her shots today. She did very well, we took a sock monkey that tessa made for her (I named it Alice) and that helped distract her for the first one but the last two made her cry. She is 26 inches long and 15 lbs. They didn't tell us what percentile she is in, but we figure she is doing fine. She was not feeling well so I gave her a bath and some tylenol and that cheered her right up. She LOVES bath time and always has. She wiggles and splashes so much her arms are blurring in the pictures. I gave her some rice cereal the other day, she liked it but couldn't figure out how to eat off the spoon so I put it in a bottle and it was gone in about a minute. I love being a mommy!!

Jan 23, 2009

Starting Young

She loves Dr. Pepper!! The last picture is the effect from drinking the Dr. Pepper... Joking!! The can is not open and it was really cold, she loved chewing on it to make her gums feel better. She has been teething for the last couple of weeks. Her eye has been goopy since she was born and it was gooped shut from taking a nap. It has actually cleared up since this picture and isn't icky anymore!! yay

Jaylie and Me

Here are some recent pictures of Jaylie. Her hair is so curly when it is wet! She is still trying to get used to grandpa, I don't know what it is but she usually cries when he holds her.

Shop Update

Progress on the shop is quick! I got to help measure and cut boards with Dad the other day and helped Josh nail some plywood up, but other than that and taking pictures, that is all I have done. Most of the work gets done on the weekends when Dad is here to help Josh. Me and Jaylie Bug like to watch while the dogs run around, but lately it has been too cold for us to go out.

Jan 18, 2009


Nothing makes you more grateful for your own kids than tending someone elses. I love little children, they make me laugh with the funny things they say. A little boy was running around playing, I was sitting with his mom, he stopped and said, "Thank you! you've been a great audience!" She says he acts like life is a game show answering questions with a ding ding, or eeeeeeehh. I almost died laughing. I was just put in the primary in the Lakes ward and boy was it entertaining! From making play dough pizzas to losing stars in the air vents, there was never a dull moment. I can tell it is going to be high action Sundays for me from here on out, but I look forward to it. The first thing I thought when I got in the car to go home was, I am so glad Jaylie is not 3 yet. I'm sure that day will come too quickly anyway. :(

Jan 9, 2009

Date knight

well, here it is friday already and I find myself dumped on date night. When presented with a well thought out plan of dinner at Olive Garden, my "knight" informed me he would rather settle for Burger King and fishing with his dad (I was not invited). How romantic!! So I told him lets drop the Burger King, and he can go fishing, which leaves me home without a date. Lets face it, spending the night with a slobbering 4 month old isn't the same as dining on delecious delicacies, but it has its perks... like spit up and unlimited dirty diapers, OH and slobber. No I love being a mommy, I love snuggle time, tummy time, playing and laughing and watching her grow. I got an e-mail from my adorable nephew Buzz, who is 3 weeks (exactly) older than Jaylie, it looked something like lsassssssss jldskfga asijfa S SDLE. I saved it. Thank you Tyeanna for making me smile. I don't know about anyone else, but I feel like the luckiest person in the world because not only did I marry my best friend (who yes occasionally ditches me to go fishing) but his sister is my other very best friend in the world! Jaylie says "errhggghhhhh eeeeeehhhhhhh mmmmmm" which means "I totally agree with mommy cuz she's always right." Aaaahh the joy of interpretation. well, I'm going to rummage in the well stocked fridge (which is a major bonus to living with your parents) for a solitary dinner. yum

Jan 6, 2009

new news

well, I have been getting hassled about not posting frequently enough so here we go. Dad loved his pj pants he got for christmas and wears them on multiple occations. Jaylie is slobbering all over the place! grandmimi can get her to giggle and so far is the only one who can. Jaylie bug loves to be sung to, she loves her music toys, especially a little purple dinosaur that my mom gave her, and she frequently sings along. In fact in relief society on Sunday she sang along with us through an entire hymn! She is doing much better at tummy time and we even practiced rolling over a few times. She was catching on pretty well. She is such a little chatter box, especially when she wakes up every morning. I had her in a front backpack carrier this morning while I was vacuuming and I turned in the middle of a doorway and smacked her head on the doorframe. I felt so bad but she just looked at me like "what the heck was that for?" Josh and his dad are getting a lot done on the shop. When I run errands with josh to pick up this tool or drop of that one he gets so excited, " oh look at all the geese in that field! ooohh see all those ducks on the river?" every where we go it's look at those birds look at these birds. He gets so excited and I don't get it.... but whatever makes him happy. So if anyone has instant messaging let me know, I just discovered how to use audibles on IM and it is hilarious. Other than that we don't have much to talk about.

Jan 3, 2009


We had such a wonderful Christmas this year. Josh got some dewalt tools for helping build the shop and i got a new coat and jaylie was inundated with toys! grandma (my mom) gave her two sets of little people, the farm and noahs ark, and some clothes and grandmimi and grandpa (josh's mom and dad) gave her teething rings and a bear. She loved helping us play with the wrapping paper. For Christmas Eve we had pizza and drove around looking at the lights. We live close to Candy Mountain (no we didn't take Charley, tyeanna....) where the roads are all named hershey, or milky way and stuff like that. Tessa and I were having a blast reading them, dad was having fun driving us in circles, mom was having fun laughing at dad and josh was wondering how he got stuck with all these crazy people. I talked to my mom on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, what can I say, I have the best mom on this planet! She is such an amazing woman and I miss her. Our new years we didn't do much, well I guess I didn't do much. Josh Tessa and dad went fishing all day and mom spent all day making a fabulous dinner and I just got in the way and helped here and there where I could. Then we all went to bed early ha ha ha. I know party poopers... On the 2nd we all went fishing (all but mom and jaylie) at 5 pm and got home around 11, it was fun fishing in the dark! we had little flashing lures and hung out in the enclosed part of the boat where the heater was. We kept trolling back and forth in the same place where the fish are supposed to be hot, but there happened to be a huge pile of rocks in the path so it was an adventure with every pass not to hit the rocks that we couldn't see and sink the boat. We had two hits but didn't catch anything but moss. But I got a lot of practice at guitar hero on my phone! Thats all our exciting news.