Mar 24, 2011


Well, I have lost weight and sleep over remodeling this house. I have learned many new skills including how to go into a trance-like state to continue working when my body has no more to give. I have learned/how to: Demo(personal fav), refinish hardwood floors, dump 2,000 lbs in an hour(girls rock!), spray texture, caulk, tape off and paint(although I had a meltdown when the paint looked streaky as it was drying but it turned out ok), Sheetrock, mud, and a whole lot of sanding. Also, I have learned that when someone has the idea to do a remodel, make sure they are around to actually help. I am very pleased with the outcome so far and am glad that we could help Josh's parents with their investment. I think it will be a good transition house for us to live in before we buy a house. We will have a house-warming party someday and invite all those who have helped so much and have had to listen to me complain. No one will be more happy to have this project done than Jaylie ( I am a very close second, if not a tie...). I will post finished pictures as soon as I take quite possibly never. no I really will, someday.