Nov 8, 2009

*Ding* laundry's done

We were doing laundry the other night and found a cute little critter exploring around... Josh's mom put her in there and I grabbed the camera. I hope she doesn't think it is ok to climb in there again but it was sure cute!

Our new home

Here are a couple of pictures of our new home, we will be moving in on Friday the 13th. We are so excited!! This is the front yard...

And a closer look.

And this is the backyard, it needs a little TLC but will be so much fun for Jaylie to run around in next summer!

This is the kitchen looking through the front window. I will get more pictures when we are all settled.

To the left of the kitchen is the living room, and there is a bathroom and a tiny bedroom behind the kitchen and our little room is behind the living room.(if any of that makes sense. if not just come see it.) That is it!!