Apr 30, 2009

Ode to Mom

I just wanted to say a little something about my mom, even though she doesn't check my blog. My mom is my hero! She has been through so much raising 6 kids on her own, working, and in the last 4 years completing college with a bachelors degree and having one year of teaching under her belt. No one in this world could have done half the job she has done. She is the truest to heart person I have ever met, and I often look to her example in the gospel, because I can always count on her to be steady and sure. She has taught me to be independent by showing me how it is done. She has proven that she loves me and each of my siblings no matter how stupid we are. Her love is unconditional, and that has made me a better person. I have a big responsibility to be a mom like mine, I hope I can. Thanks mom, hang in there and I love you!! Sorry we couldn't make it to your graduation but I am so proud of you!

Rock On

So I dyed some of my hair purple a couple weeks ago when I was staying at my moms. When the color started washing out, leaving it a pinkish orange, I headed to Sally's to find something to touch it up. Instead I met Storm from X-men...not really but the chick had bleached her hair til it made my grandmas look brown again, no kidding!!

I just finished a book called The Sweet Far Thing, the last in a trilogy and although I liked the story, I was rather disappointed in the ending. The main characters who are in love DON'T END UP TOGETHER!!! I hate that! Why write a story taking 3 books to tell, and then it doesn't even end happily ever after?!! blah, I will have to stick with Louis L'Amour from now on. Not really Rach, I'll still do the book club thing with you. So if anyone has a recommendation for a good book or two I am open to suggestions. Oh and PLEASE!! could someone give me a few tips on how to do fun stuff to my blog? It is so bland but I am too computer retarded to figure out how to do anything different.

Apr 25, 2009

Grandma and grandpa great

With only Calvin Maxwell missing, all the great grandkids on the Goodall side of the family had fun playing together.


We had a great Easter Sunday with my mom. After a wonderful brunch we went to church, Jaylie and I helped mom in the nursery. Then we visited my grandma and aunt Sam and crashed the Smart's family party (Kali's 2nd birthday). Mom got this dress for Jaylie and she looked like such a princess. It was so great to see everyone while we were in Utah, but we were exhausted by the end of the week. From pizza parties to game nights, Santaquin to Orem, lunches with sisters and projects with mom it was a BLAST! We missed Josh but he can come next time.


The first project in the shop was to paint jack stands for Tod's camper. We played catch and Jaylie just liked to eat the gloves.

Apr 7, 2009

Who is Scottie?

Well, according to the roofing specialists of Smartway, Calvin="the cheese" and josh=Scottie. I don't know why, or how they got their nicknames, but it is really cute when Calvin and Kenzie's girls call josh scottie. And as for who Alfonso is...(I just made up the name and have no idea what his real name is) some mexican guy that helped dad with the driveway. On a side note: Jaylie and I am going to Utah to visit family and am so excited!! It will be crazy busy trying to fit in visits to everyone so I apologize ahead of time if I miss someone, we'll be back.