Feb 27, 2009


Josh and I attempted to go fishing the other morning, but unfortunately the wind had other plans. We got down to the river and the water was too choppy, so we will probably go tomorrow. But the sunrise was beautiful!!

Grandmimi's Birthday

Feb 24th, happy birthday to Josh's mom! We got her two gold fish, actually a silver one and a gold one. The silver one she named Sparky, and the gold one she named Matilda, who died the next day. I believe that is due to my far from expert fish catching skills at the local walmart, since there were no employees to help, I helped myself, resulting in the tragic but foreseeable toilet funeral. o<

Jaylie is eating baby food like it is going out of style!! No she just really likes everything she has tried so far, although the carrots didn't like her much. She is PRO at spitting anything orange colored all over her face...

Feb 19, 2009


Here are 29 of the 100 or so pictures I took this weekend. Sorry skeet I didn't get as many pictures of you as I thought, But I will make up for it at your birthday party this weekend. I was on cloud nine all weekend having my mom and tyeanna and darren and buzz here, and then tanya, ryan and skeeter came on sunday! It was crowded but oh so much fun! Tanya's birthday was Sunday so we had cake and ice cream, Josh had fun decorating with the candles on her cake. We all missed Tess and hope you can visit soon. And to the rest of my fam, get your buns up here already! This was my favorite valentines EVER! That is safe to say because Josh undoubtedly has absolutely NO romantic bones in his body -period- But I picked him to marry, and I've never been happier in my life! Settling for complete happiness is far better than settling for anything else no matter how many roses are attatched, and I couldn'
t be more blessed. He is my best friend, he makes me feel beautiful when I feel my worst, he makes me laugh when I want to spit nails, and he loves and knows me more than anyone else in this world. So thank you to Josh, the love of my life, and to my family near and far for making this simple holiday one I will think of with a smile.

Feb 7, 2009

Scotty Longino!!

I received a request for some pictures of Josh, all I have to say is watch what you wish for...

Feb 5, 2009

lil cowgrill

My little pumpkin is so cute! I was wearing my hat the other day so I wouldn't have to do my hair. Jaylie kept looking at me funny so I put it on her head. Josh thought it was so cute, he is such a fun daddy. We have fun with our little cowgirl.

The picture of Jaylie on her back was supposed to be a picture of her rolling over but I was too slow. The other one she is eating butternut squash, she loved it! She still hasn't figured out how to eat off the spoon though. My baby is getting so BIG!!

SHOP Update

Windows and doors are in, the roof is on and we passed the second inspection! We are ready for the wainscot, sofiat, facia and siding. I know I didn't spell those right (half because I have no idea how to spell them, the other half because Josh was trying to tell me how to spell them). Pretty much walls are ready to go up. Stumpy and roxy help everyday. Roxy has taught Stumpy to find a toy then chase each other around with it, teasing the other dog without a toy. They are hilarious to watch.

Feb 3, 2009

Big Girl

Jaylie is officially a PRO at rolling over! No more suffering through tummy time. I am trying to get her to flip over both ways because she has only been rolling to her left. We went to a party at some friends house last night and had a blast! We watched a movie then Josh introduced them to the M'n'M game, which was a huge hit! It went on for like two hours of non-stop laughing, yelling and some really random noises. I wonder what the neighbors were thinking. There were 8 of us playing around a tiny table, so amazingly only one person knocked over their cup and spilled their M'n'Ms. We got home aroud 1:30 am so Jaylie is pretty tired.
The roof is on the shop and Josh is framing in the last two windows, I helped measure and cut braces for 7 of them yesterday. I love helping on the shop, or doing anything outside with Josh, 100% more than doing any indoor chores (hence my laundry is piling up, yuck!) I think I will let Jaylie Bug do the laundry when she gets older... Isn't that what all parents do? Assign children the chores they want to do the least? Mine was mating socks, which is probably why I LOATHE doing that now... Thanks mom!