Feb 19, 2009


Here are 29 of the 100 or so pictures I took this weekend. Sorry skeet I didn't get as many pictures of you as I thought, But I will make up for it at your birthday party this weekend. I was on cloud nine all weekend having my mom and tyeanna and darren and buzz here, and then tanya, ryan and skeeter came on sunday! It was crowded but oh so much fun! Tanya's birthday was Sunday so we had cake and ice cream, Josh had fun decorating with the candles on her cake. We all missed Tess and hope you can visit soon. And to the rest of my fam, get your buns up here already! This was my favorite valentines EVER! That is safe to say because Josh undoubtedly has absolutely NO romantic bones in his body -period- But I picked him to marry, and I've never been happier in my life! Settling for complete happiness is far better than settling for anything else no matter how many roses are attatched, and I couldn'
t be more blessed. He is my best friend, he makes me feel beautiful when I feel my worst, he makes me laugh when I want to spit nails, and he loves and knows me more than anyone else in this world. So thank you to Josh, the love of my life, and to my family near and far for making this simple holiday one I will think of with a smile.


Brooke Bennett said...

So fun that they all got to visit ya! Super cute pictures! Miss you!

Darren Johnson Family said...

Thanks alot for putting that horrid picture of me on there. You stinker. I'd have to agree that it was a wonderful Valentines. I had so much fun just hanging out and relaxing! love you all tons.