May 27, 2009


Is is hot in here or did someone just turn up the estrogen? Have I mentioned that I have 5 friends pregnant and due within 3 months of each other? I better stock up on gifts... And thankfully I am not one with the "in crowd". I am so excited to be an auntie again and to have so many little babies to play with, but I am more glad that it is not me :) who is having morning sickness, swelling and mood swings. Ok so maybe I still have mood swings (Josh with vouch for that).. So to all you momma's, hang in there! I was looking at pictures of Jaylie as a newborn, it seems like she was this little for only a couple weeks...

more fishing pictures

I don't remember the name of this lake, but we stayed out all day and had so much fun!! We knocked 'em dead!! I think we went home with something like 10 fish, not even keeping all of what we caught. It was a beautiful day, couldn't have been nicer, except if "The Cheese" and family had been with us in their boat.

About TIME!

Well I have obviously been doing anything but update my blog lately. We've gone camping and fishing and painted the shop floor. Tanya, Ryan and Calvin came to visit. Jaylie was curious and would grab Calvin's face and make him cry, which in turn scared her so she cried too. We had a blast fishing and Jaylie doesn't really mind the life jacket, surprisingly. She shakes her head no all the time, although I don't think she knows what it means. She's not crawling yet but I think it will be soon, she is never in the same place I lay her down for a nap when she wakes up. No teeth yet either, thankfully. I think that is about all that has been happening with us. Tyeanna and Darren I wish I were there to help you move, good luck sis I miss you lots! Josh and I are more than ready to head to Utah to go camping and see our families!!