Oct 28, 2009

October Fun

We had so much fun picking a carving pumpkins this year! Jaylie's pumpkin is supposed to be her look alike, so is Darlene's. JUST KIDDING! She went for a silly face and it turned out very funny! Josh wanted to do the John Deere emblem, and I couldn't be outdone so I did a 9630t Tractor (the t stands for track, cuz it runs on tracks not tires). We had so much fun and even got some yummy pumpkin cookies out of the deal!

Oct 27, 2009

"He huffed and he puffed,....and he signed an eviction notice!"

It is time for us to move on. The "need for our own space" has been evident and so Josh and I are looking for a small place to rent. YAY!!! I am so excited! I just hope we can find something affordable and livable...by January. I want to thank everyone for their prayers, my sisters had a best friend pass away and it has been very difficult. I love you guys, hang in there!

Oct 24, 2009

My family is going through some hard times. Please pray for them.

Oct 19, 2009


I have been in a funk for a few months, and nothing seemed to make me pull out of it. Even when my mom and Sarah came to visit didn't snap me back to my old self. Well, lately I have had a good friend spend some time with me. We have talked and laughed and she made me feel like we have been friends for a very long time. I am happy and feel 100% better. I have been praying for someone to talk to, and she has definitely been an answer to my prayers. I didn't realize how sad I was until I took a depression quiz on webMD, just for fun. I answered yes to 9 out of 10 questions, high risk of depression. I can whole heartedly say that I answer no to all of them now!! So thank you friend, you will never know what you mean to me.

Oct 8, 2009

Jaylie's boy friend... the Delson-ater!

This is Jaylies friend and playmate Delson. Isn't he adorable? I was watching him all day and decided to give him a mohawk. What a CUTIE!! Thanks Kristen for letting me watch Delson, they have so much fun playing together! (I promise not to put bows in his hair...)

Oct 6, 2009

For Aunt Becky

This outfit was purchased just for aunt Becky! My how time flies. She was just my little lady bug and now she's a talking toddler! Have a great month Auntie Becky!!

what Jaylie's been up to

Jaylie has been very busy since her birthday almost a month ago. She has helped grandpa with various projects, watched some tv and gone on quite a few walks with mommy and daddy. She has two bottom teeth which are clearly visible, and a top one that is playing hide and seek (resulting in lots of grumpiness and tylenol). She loves to walk around the house, as long as she has a hand to hold. She has lots to say, although only she knows what is being said. She does say grandpa, mama, dadda, dog, ruff ruff (when you ask her what a dog says) and star. We love her to pieces!