Oct 6, 2009

what Jaylie's been up to

Jaylie has been very busy since her birthday almost a month ago. She has helped grandpa with various projects, watched some tv and gone on quite a few walks with mommy and daddy. She has two bottom teeth which are clearly visible, and a top one that is playing hide and seek (resulting in lots of grumpiness and tylenol). She loves to walk around the house, as long as she has a hand to hold. She has lots to say, although only she knows what is being said. She does say grandpa, mama, dadda, dog, ruff ruff (when you ask her what a dog says) and star. We love her to pieces!


Wimzie Prints said...

I love that pic of her digging in the tackle box. Classic!

Brooke Bennett said...

She is so cute! Miss you guys!

sbodier_1 said...

She is the cutest little girl ever! I can't believe she is walking!!