Oct 28, 2009

October Fun

We had so much fun picking a carving pumpkins this year! Jaylie's pumpkin is supposed to be her look alike, so is Darlene's. JUST KIDDING! She went for a silly face and it turned out very funny! Josh wanted to do the John Deere emblem, and I couldn't be outdone so I did a 9630t Tractor (the t stands for track, cuz it runs on tracks not tires). We had so much fun and even got some yummy pumpkin cookies out of the deal!


Becky said...

Your jack-o-lanters are amazing! I agree that John Deere should pay you for them! Jaylie's pictures of digging out the pumpkin guts are priceless. Thank you for the love and prayers - it really helped. Love you sis

Wimzie Prints said...

Wow, your pumpkins turned out really cool. We are major party poopers nad didn't carve any this year (we were moving...)