May 27, 2009

About TIME!

Well I have obviously been doing anything but update my blog lately. We've gone camping and fishing and painted the shop floor. Tanya, Ryan and Calvin came to visit. Jaylie was curious and would grab Calvin's face and make him cry, which in turn scared her so she cried too. We had a blast fishing and Jaylie doesn't really mind the life jacket, surprisingly. She shakes her head no all the time, although I don't think she knows what it means. She's not crawling yet but I think it will be soon, she is never in the same place I lay her down for a nap when she wakes up. No teeth yet either, thankfully. I think that is about all that has been happening with us. Tyeanna and Darren I wish I were there to help you move, good luck sis I miss you lots! Josh and I are more than ready to head to Utah to go camping and see our families!!

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Tanya and Ryan said...

Hey, can email me all these pics that have Calvin in it? They are all so cute! Especially the ones with him and Jaylie.