Apr 30, 2009

Ode to Mom

I just wanted to say a little something about my mom, even though she doesn't check my blog. My mom is my hero! She has been through so much raising 6 kids on her own, working, and in the last 4 years completing college with a bachelors degree and having one year of teaching under her belt. No one in this world could have done half the job she has done. She is the truest to heart person I have ever met, and I often look to her example in the gospel, because I can always count on her to be steady and sure. She has taught me to be independent by showing me how it is done. She has proven that she loves me and each of my siblings no matter how stupid we are. Her love is unconditional, and that has made me a better person. I have a big responsibility to be a mom like mine, I hope I can. Thanks mom, hang in there and I love you!! Sorry we couldn't make it to your graduation but I am so proud of you!


Shelly and Jo Goodall said...

You have an awesome Mom! That is great that you let her know, even if she doesn't check your blog...it will eventually get back to her and she will be forever grateful to know that she has such a wonderful daughter:) We miss you guys already!
Love to all

Darren Johnson Family said...

I think your blog is awesome. I really don't care what it looks like. All I care about is what you say. I agree that your mom is awesome. We were just talking about her tonight and I was saying that I'm really glad that I've gotten to know her better because she's tons of fun.

Darren Johnson Family said...

you need to update your blog. I was joking about the book but it is a good one. I actually haven't read the whole thing (obviously, I have no friends since you left) but it one of my life time goals. Love you lots.

Darren Johnson Family said...

I would love to see some new pictures!