Apr 30, 2009

Rock On

So I dyed some of my hair purple a couple weeks ago when I was staying at my moms. When the color started washing out, leaving it a pinkish orange, I headed to Sally's to find something to touch it up. Instead I met Storm from X-men...not really but the chick had bleached her hair til it made my grandmas look brown again, no kidding!!

I just finished a book called The Sweet Far Thing, the last in a trilogy and although I liked the story, I was rather disappointed in the ending. The main characters who are in love DON'T END UP TOGETHER!!! I hate that! Why write a story taking 3 books to tell, and then it doesn't even end happily ever after?!! blah, I will have to stick with Louis L'Amour from now on. Not really Rach, I'll still do the book club thing with you. So if anyone has a recommendation for a good book or two I am open to suggestions. Oh and PLEASE!! could someone give me a few tips on how to do fun stuff to my blog? It is so bland but I am too computer retarded to figure out how to do anything different.


Shelly and Jo Goodall said...

What fun stuff are you thinking about?

sbodier_1 said...

Have you read Uglies by Scott Westerfield? There are four books in that series. It's pretty good. I'm starting to read Fablehaven, and I really like it also. :) Whitney is the queen of all things book. She gives me all the tips. Haha.

I like the purple by the way. :)

Tanya and Ryan said...

I left a whole bag of books there last time I came over. I bet they're still sitting on the living room floor where I left them. I brought them just for you. They are all from my book club so not sure if they are your taste (I wouldn't have picked some of them originally but ended up learning something or liking them all). Good luck!

madoger said...

Think and Grow Rich!!! hahaha, and then How to Win Friends and Influence People (T says that you need this one real bad).
As far as your blog, get'er done