Feb 3, 2009

Big Girl

Jaylie is officially a PRO at rolling over! No more suffering through tummy time. I am trying to get her to flip over both ways because she has only been rolling to her left. We went to a party at some friends house last night and had a blast! We watched a movie then Josh introduced them to the M'n'M game, which was a huge hit! It went on for like two hours of non-stop laughing, yelling and some really random noises. I wonder what the neighbors were thinking. There were 8 of us playing around a tiny table, so amazingly only one person knocked over their cup and spilled their M'n'Ms. We got home aroud 1:30 am so Jaylie is pretty tired.
The roof is on the shop and Josh is framing in the last two windows, I helped measure and cut braces for 7 of them yesterday. I love helping on the shop, or doing anything outside with Josh, 100% more than doing any indoor chores (hence my laundry is piling up, yuck!) I think I will let Jaylie Bug do the laundry when she gets older... Isn't that what all parents do? Assign children the chores they want to do the least? Mine was mating socks, which is probably why I LOATHE doing that now... Thanks mom!

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Shelly and Jo Goodall said...

YEAH, no more tummy time!! Watch out they tend to start doing other things quick and the baby years fly by. I was always sad for that. OK, what is the M-n-M game? We need a game to play for our primary activity on valentines day. How much more do you have on the shop before it is finished? You should take some pics and post them. We miss you guys, but so glad we can keep in touch! Love to all!