Feb 5, 2009

SHOP Update

Windows and doors are in, the roof is on and we passed the second inspection! We are ready for the wainscot, sofiat, facia and siding. I know I didn't spell those right (half because I have no idea how to spell them, the other half because Josh was trying to tell me how to spell them). Pretty much walls are ready to go up. Stumpy and roxy help everyday. Roxy has taught Stumpy to find a toy then chase each other around with it, teasing the other dog without a toy. They are hilarious to watch.


Brooke Bennett said...

Looks good! Can't wait to come visit!

Darren Johnson Family said...

Jaylie is so cute! I can't believe she is rolling over already. Buzz has not been feeling well so I haven't been putting him on his tummy. The shop looks great. I can't believe stumpy, he looks a lot older to me. I went for a walk on Thursday and didn't work out today. I've been lazy. Keep bugging me. Love ya! You need to put some pictures of Joshy poo on.

BWarnick said...

That would be super funny to watch Stumpy and Roxy chase each other around the yard. I took Sage up to Mom's yesterday while I made bread with Rach and Sage couldn't figure out where Roxy was. She just roamed all over looking for her friend.