Jan 6, 2009

new news

well, I have been getting hassled about not posting frequently enough so here we go. Dad loved his pj pants he got for christmas and wears them on multiple occations. Jaylie is slobbering all over the place! grandmimi can get her to giggle and so far is the only one who can. Jaylie bug loves to be sung to, she loves her music toys, especially a little purple dinosaur that my mom gave her, and she frequently sings along. In fact in relief society on Sunday she sang along with us through an entire hymn! She is doing much better at tummy time and we even practiced rolling over a few times. She was catching on pretty well. She is such a little chatter box, especially when she wakes up every morning. I had her in a front backpack carrier this morning while I was vacuuming and I turned in the middle of a doorway and smacked her head on the doorframe. I felt so bad but she just looked at me like "what the heck was that for?" Josh and his dad are getting a lot done on the shop. When I run errands with josh to pick up this tool or drop of that one he gets so excited, " oh look at all the geese in that field! ooohh see all those ducks on the river?" every where we go it's look at those birds look at these birds. He gets so excited and I don't get it.... but whatever makes him happy. So if anyone has instant messaging let me know, I just discovered how to use audibles on IM and it is hilarious. Other than that we don't have much to talk about.


Brooke Bennett said...

How fun that Jaylie's so talkative!!!

Darren Johnson Family said...

i don't get the geese thing either. I don't understand what is so great about birds. Guess it's the hunting he gets excited for. Maybe I can compare it to a dance competition. I feel bad that Josh had to go to ALL of mine when I was younger!!!!