Jan 3, 2009


We had such a wonderful Christmas this year. Josh got some dewalt tools for helping build the shop and i got a new coat and jaylie was inundated with toys! grandma (my mom) gave her two sets of little people, the farm and noahs ark, and some clothes and grandmimi and grandpa (josh's mom and dad) gave her teething rings and a bear. She loved helping us play with the wrapping paper. For Christmas Eve we had pizza and drove around looking at the lights. We live close to Candy Mountain (no we didn't take Charley, tyeanna....) where the roads are all named hershey, or milky way and stuff like that. Tessa and I were having a blast reading them, dad was having fun driving us in circles, mom was having fun laughing at dad and josh was wondering how he got stuck with all these crazy people. I talked to my mom on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, what can I say, I have the best mom on this planet! She is such an amazing woman and I miss her. Our new years we didn't do much, well I guess I didn't do much. Josh Tessa and dad went fishing all day and mom spent all day making a fabulous dinner and I just got in the way and helped here and there where I could. Then we all went to bed early ha ha ha. I know party poopers... On the 2nd we all went fishing (all but mom and jaylie) at 5 pm and got home around 11, it was fun fishing in the dark! we had little flashing lures and hung out in the enclosed part of the boat where the heater was. We kept trolling back and forth in the same place where the fish are supposed to be hot, but there happened to be a huge pile of rocks in the path so it was an adventure with every pass not to hit the rocks that we couldn't see and sink the boat. We had two hits but didn't catch anything but moss. But I got a lot of practice at guitar hero on my phone! Thats all our exciting news.


Darren Johnson Family said...

finally a post. I can't believe you didn't take Charlie to candy mountain. Did they take Tessa's kidney? Looks like you're having too much fun without us.

Darren Johnson Family said...

that's a great picture of dad in his pants

Tanya and Ryan said...

Sounds like so much fun. I love Jaylie's little sock monkey! I can't believe dad actually wore his p.j. pants. It's a good thing you got a record of it on camera...Miss you guys!