Oct 25, 2008

Duck Slayer

Josh and Darwin went duck hunting at Strawberry Res. this morning and "knocked em dead". Which unfortunately means there is a bunch of feathers in the sink and a bowl of fowl meat in the fridge. ahh the joys of hunting. Thanks to Wayne Soper Josh has this handy carrying strap for his trophy birds, custom made with Josh's initials. They had a great time!


Brooke Bennett said...

Gross. Don't bring any to my house!

sbodier_1 said...

Rob may be going duck hunting next week....blah! I told him he's going to have to give them away if he gets any! And also, YAY! You have a blog!!!!

Tanya and Ryan said...

Cool carrying strap! Wain Soper is so cool. That's a nice bunch of birds. I've never eaten duck before. How do you cook it?