Nov 13, 2008

Washington here we come!

Watch out world, the Goodalls are on the move again! Only this time it is Josh and me moving instead of his mom and dad. We have decided to move to the tri-cities area to spend some long-put-off time with his parents. No one is more excited than grandpa and Mimi. Grandma Linda is getting in as much granny time as she can and spoils Jaylie to death! We will sure miss her! We are also trying to think of a way to steal Buzz (Ammon) so Tyeanna and Darren will come with us. We are super excited to be closer to Tanya, Ryan and Skeeter (Calvin)! Grandpa already has fishing, duck hunting, and plans for building a shop with Josh so there will be plenty to do. December 15th is the official launching date. We are going to miss all our friends and family here, but are excited for this new adventure!


sbodier_1 said...

What??????? You are moving to Washington??? Like permanently??

Tanya and Ryan said...

I can't wait for you guys to get here! I'm going to help mom "clear a space" for you (she needs to get rid of like 2/3 of their stuff...) See you soon!