Mar 24, 2009

boat ride

So Josh and I took Jaylie fishing in the boat for the first time the other day and if I knew how to get pictures from my phone to my computer I would post them. Anyway, Jaylie was so cute all smushed into a little life jacket and we were all having fun til we decided to head back to the dock to go home. I am terrified of the water and Josh thought it was funny to do donuts in the boat, one edge of the boat was nearly in the water, the other was sky high. He did it 2 times and I told him if he did it again I wouldn't go in the boat anymore. He just grinned and of course, did a third donut. Well the last time around, he went to drive straight after driving in a circle but somehow he managed to forget that the boat makes wakes in the water... He punched it going against the wakes we had just made and it felt like we had crashed into another boat, stopping us in our tracks. Apparently the seat I was sitting on, with Jaylie on my lap, wasn't up for this kind of abuse and it tipped over and dumped us onto the propane heater then landed on top of us. While Josh was getting the boat under control I was putting the seat back up, kicking the heater, making sure Jaylie was still alive and trying not to throw Josh out of the boat. We were all a little shaky after that, and I still haven't forgiven him. I had been doing so good about not swearing anymore, up until then... I think it will be a while until I am brave enough to go with them again, especially to take Jaylie out with us.


Darren Johnson Family said...

Hello! Yeah, I think Joshie should be a little more careful. It's not exactly a toy. Glad you're still alive!@

smarts said...

Enough said!!!!!