Aug 1, 2009

Time... whats that?

I have been too busy to upload my pictures from my camera and organize them to put on my blog. I am doing my homework as much as possible to get done and get a job. I feel like Dorothy in the land of Oz, not knowing where home is. Someday Josh and I will have a place of our own, thus the homework. I try to not write anything on my blog that would potentially offend someone, but I say forget it. Don't read it if you don't like it. COMMUNICATE PEOPLE! So many issues would not even be issues if people would just clearly state what they expect! High five to me and Josh (yes I am patting me on the back, and no my arm doesn't hurt) for getting past all that crap and for being able to tell each other how we really feel. Life is so much simpler, I wish other people would figure it out so we didn't have to deal with their issues. Also, can I just say that I hate being treated like a child? Thank heavens I have a financial specialist (not really) to tell me how to budget and that I need to cut back on all my spending so I can be more responsible. Oh and to check up on me and Josh late at night when we are hanging out with friends. Ok, I'll get off my soap box. Thank you to the Smarts for being such amazing friends! We had so much fun with you and the family. You sure make leaving Utah hard. I will get pictures up sometime, no promise that it will be soon.

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