May 29, 2011

Babies everywhere!

I can't believe how many friends are having babies this year!! I am glad we missed that boat! Jaylie loves to see them and take care of them. She will be such a great big sister someday! No I am not making any announcements. We are still waiting to try for more kids until we feel like it is the right time. I am so grateful for Jaylie! She makes us laugh everyday with the things she says and does. I love finding the things she has tucked away in random and often silly places. I didn't love it so much though when I realized my wedding ring was one of the things she picked up and tucked away. Luckily I found it a couple days later in the pantry under the fruit snacks. I'll remember not to put it on my dresser when painting! I am also crazy about my hubby! He is so perfect for me! He keeps me in line and reminds me to pray about things instead of letting my emotions guide my decisions. I am so spoiled! I guess I am just feeling very blessed today. That is better than the whining I usually type. I think since my grandma's funeral, especially since I was asked to write my feelings down and speak at her funeral, I have been feeling gratitude for the gospel and the knowlege that we will be together again. Knowing that I can be with my family for eternity is the greatest comfort! Especially when a loved one passes away and I feel their absence in my life. And back to my initial subject, I am awed by the miracles that come in the form of children! Bringing a baby into this world and raising children is like having a window to heaven. They are so sweet and innocent, and it makes me realize that they are fresh from heaven and from seeing and being with our loved ones we are missing. Our lives are closer linked to heaven than I realize. I am so happy and overwhelmed with love for the children in my life, my own little angel, neices, nephews and the children of friends. I am thankful for the good people who are our friends. I have never had so many friends in my life as I do now and I look up to each of them! I remember when we moved here how much I hated it and how I prayed and cried every night to find just one friend to make me feel like this was home. My prayer has been answered so many times and is still being answered! I love all my friends and feel like I have known them forever. Thank you all, for being my friends and letting us be a part of your lives!


Kristen and Alex said...

I love you! I am grateful you are my friend. You mean a lot to me. There is a lot to be grateful for....thank you for reminding me.

The Ihnen Family said...

I am so glad that we are friends. :)