Nov 8, 2009

Our new home

Here are a couple of pictures of our new home, we will be moving in on Friday the 13th. We are so excited!! This is the front yard...

And a closer look.

And this is the backyard, it needs a little TLC but will be so much fun for Jaylie to run around in next summer!

This is the kitchen looking through the front window. I will get more pictures when we are all settled.

To the left of the kitchen is the living room, and there is a bathroom and a tiny bedroom behind the kitchen and our little room is behind the living room.(if any of that makes sense. if not just come see it.) That is it!!


Darren Johnson Family said...

Careful moving in on Friday the
13th! It looks like fun. FREEDOME

BJ Barnes said...

It's so thrilling to have a place to call home!! :) Hurray!! :)

Darren Johnson Family said...

love it!